SHKODER – Gjergj Simoni was born on 8 December 1933, brother of Zef Simoni, author of the book “Lights in the Darkness”, who became bishop after the fall of the regime.

To make a living, he worked at the hydro power plant of Vau i Dejes. Between 1946 and 1950 the police occupied the archbishopric, Gjergj and his brother, Zef, agreed with the bishop to hide important objects in the building.

For 2 months Gjergj, at night, filled 2 sacks and took them home to bury them in the garden. He buried monstrances, chalices, vestments, stoles and 10 bags of books, including his own writings and those of his brother.

One day, however, the police searched the house and, digging in the garden, found all the material. So he was arrested on September 27, 1976, 5 weeks after his brother’s arrest. 

He was taken to various work camps. In May 1977 he was transferred to Ballsh, after which in 1982 he was taken to Qafa i Barit. Three – four months later it was the turn of the prison of Spaç, where Ernest Simoni, now Cardinal, was also staying.

In the prison of Spaç, during his detention, he learned of Hoxha’s death, after which he was released. On April 20, 1991 he became a priest, after waiting 30 years, and celebrated his first mass a week later. Today Dom Gjerji lives in Shkoder and only his sister remains of his family, after the death of his mother and brother Zef.